Essential Fragrance for A Variety Of Needs

    Fragrances is one of our pride products. We provide a variety of essential fragrances for a variety of needs: body fragrances, body care products, fragrances and household care, and air freshener.

    All these fragrances and scents have obtained Halal certificates from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) so that they can be used by all groups.

    Cosmetic Active Ingredient


    We have all the best products for cosmetic active ingredients. Working with the world’s best brands, all our active ingredient products are guaranteed and certified. We provide the best materials and products to help develop your business in the beauty industry and other industries.

    PT Bintang Inti Talenta provides all the highest quality natural and chemical cosmetic active ingredients that have passed laboratory tests to maintain quality and safety in their use.


    Food Flavoring & Various Products

    We produce a variety of food and beverage flavors for your taste. Our products are Halal certified from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and in accordance with national food controlling for safety standards.

    We also provide flavors for other products, such as e-cigarettes (toothpaste), toothpaste, and other consumption products that require flavoring as a supporting material.

    Cosmetic Machinery

    Cosmetics Equipment for the Cosmetic Industry

    We provide the highest quality cosmetic machines, to help your production be faster, more precise and safer to use.

    The cosmetic machine that we provide has the latest technology that can make your production more maximum and quality.

    Perfume Glass Bottle

    Made from quality materials

    All that is good needs a good place. We uphold that philosophy because we have confidence that product quality will be optimally maintained if the product is in an appropriate place. Therefore, we are also very serious in providing perfume bottles.

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    Bintang Inti Talenta (BIT) is a trading and distribution company of various commodities that was established in 1999.
    Our focus is on providing raw materials for cigarettes, cosmetics, home appliances, personal care, and the food and beverage industry.
    We are committed to providing quality and perfection in everything we offer to you.

    The excellent quality that we provide includes our products and services for customers.

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